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The Company

MerchantGuy was founded by Troy Wilson. The company is based in Kansas City. Troy built his business around the belief that by staying personally involved with clients, he can ensure that they get the lowest rates and best service. Years later, MerchantGuy.com still strives to maintain the high standards of customer service for which it has become known, even as the company grows and develops more business partnerships.

Unlike most credit card processing companies, MerchantGuy does not charge additional monthly and annual fees, and does not bind its clients into three-year contracts. Local representatives handle each client individually to ensure that they receive the highest quality of customer service, and to build long-term partnerships with businesses.

The People

Troy Wilson is the founder of MerchantGuy. He has a computer engineering background developing automated billing systems for companies. Based on his years of experience in the industry, Troy founded MerchantGuy to provide its clients with great service and real pricing. Troy is greatly supported by a wonderful sales and support staff.

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