Employment with MerchantGuy

Our work environment follows the ROWE (Results Only Work Environment) philosophy.

What is a ROWE workplace?

In a Results-Only-Work-Environment company, sales executives income is determined by the clients they recruit and support, instead of by the hours that they work. Our executives don’t need to attend pointless meetings or beg for permission to watch their kids play soccer. They lead a healthier, less stressful lifestyle and save on commutes by working from home. With a flexible schedule and the comfort of client selection, executives are free to manage their own work schedules to allow time for other responsibilities.

What are Sales Executives’ Responsibilities?

The basic responsibilities of a MerchantGuy Sales Executive are to represent MerchantGuy in a positive and innovative way and to help your clients’ businesses excel. Responsibilities include:

  • Contacting and providing MerchantGuy services to companies of all sizes and types
  • Gathering a merchant statement that can be used to provide a savings breakdown to your client
  • Learning about how different types of businesses work and how they can each be benefited individually
  • Streamline and centralize in-store, online, and mobile payments.
  • Providing ongoing, timely support for clients

Our Sales Executives have a knack for matching customer needs with just the right services. They are knowledgeable and persuasive professionals who are service-oriented, self-motivated, and enjoy learning about different business models and work structures. Executives build and strive towards maintaining MerchantGuy’s high standards of customer service.


If you have questions or you think you would be a great fit for the job, please feel free to submit all questions and resumes so we can set up a time to talk with you.

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