Mobile Payments

Accept mobile payments including credit cards, debit cards, or BitCoin payments anywhere with your mobile device.

Mobile Features

  • Use a free mobile app or an internet browser to access the MerchantGuy Gateway.
  • Use our fully-encrypted swiper to swipe your customer’s cards.
  • Capture digital signatures on your mobile device’s touch screen.
  • Send digital receipts.
  • Geotag the location of the sale on the receipt.
  • Accept E-Checks, send electronic invoices, and set up recurring billing using an web browser.

Fully-Encrypted Swiper

  • The MerchantGuy mobile swiper allows you to process credit cards anywhere in the world over a cellular or WIFI connection.
  • Our encrypted swiper is fully-encrypted from the swiper to the gateway. Many other mobile options don’t have this level of security.
  • Your MerchantGuy mobile swiper is encoded to match your gateway for extra security.

BitCoin Solutions

  • Accept payments instantly from the app.
  • Transactions deposited next business day directly to your bank account.
  • Just like cash, no ability to chargeback like credit cards.
  • No fees to setup or keep active. Only per transaction.
  • Convert between Wallet – Visa – Bitcoin – Gift Card

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