Receive payments directly from your customers’ checking accounts.

With routing and account numbers from your customer’s checking account, you can submit their payment electronically through our payment gateway.

  • Automatically convert paper checks into an electronic transfer via Federal Reserve Bank’s Automated Clearing House (ACH) system.
  • Directly debit customer bank accounts.
  • Automatically email customer receipts.
  • Turn your computer or phone into a “virtual cash register” and accept eCheck payments by phone, online, or in person.
  • Implement auto-recurring billing with direct-debit from bank account.
  • Get real time information on transaction status.
  • Eliminate check-depositing trips to the bank.
  • Provide better customer service with more flexible payment options.

How It Works

  • Get authorization from your customers to get a direct debit from their account. Record their permission for this direct debit through a written form, recorded phone conversation, or agreement to online terms and conditions. If the payment will be recurring, make sure your authorization clearly covers this.
  • Collect your customer’s bank name, bank routing number, account number, and account type (savings or checking). Key this information and the transaction amount into your MerchantGuy payment gateway and submit it.
  • ACH will process the payment, debit the amount from your customer’s account, and credit your account.
  • You can check the status of the transaction through the gateway’s reporting feature, and your customer will see the electronic payment on their bank statement. (Does the gateway let you send an automatic receipt to your customer?)

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

The Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network is a highly-reliable nationwide electronic funds transfer system. It provides for interbank clearing of electronic payments for participating depository financial institutions. The Federal Reserve and the Electronic Payments Network act as the nation’s two ACH Operators. They are central clearing facilities through which financial institutions transmit or receive ACH transfers, including electronic checks.

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